Tooth Jewels

At Artful Dentistry we pride ourselves in offering our patients their very best smile. Tooth Jewellery is a simple procedure to achieve an added flair of elegance to your teeth by fitting nicely on the upper front teeth. Of course it adds an extra bit of sparkle to you smile/. The main advantage is that during placement of tooth jewellery there will not be any painful drilling, injections or any discomfort to the patient. All we do is place  special bond and and jewel on the enamel. It is totally pain free and at absolutely no damage to the tooth. You can choose the colour of the jewel base to your own taste.

We offer tooth jewels for $420. You will need to see our reception first for a full payment 2 weeks ahead so we can place your personalised order with our supplier.

If you are interested in this particular procedure give us a call on (02) 62585830 and our friendly staff can give you more information or book you in for your tooth jewel appointment.