Cosmetic dentistry Canberra

Brighten your smile with our proven teeth whitening treatments or a tooth jewel for extra sparkle.

Teeth whitening

Teeth staining can happen for many reasons such as caffeine, nicotine, poor dental hygiene, or even just age.

We help our patients whiten their smile by up to 6 shades lighter, depending on the look they want to achieve. Our proven system is hassle-free and painless, and provides outstanding results.

To find out if a teeth whitening treatment is right for you, please book a free consultation.

Tooth jewel

At Artful Dentistry, we pride ourselves on helping our patients achieve their very best smile. Tooth jewellery is a simple procedure to add flair and elegance to your teeth, and fits nicely on the upper front teeth for an extra sparkle to your smile.

There is no painful drilling, injections or any discomfort when we place tooth jewellery. We simply use a special bond to secure the jewel to your tooth enamel. It is totally pain free and will not damage the tooth.

You can also choose the colour and size of the jewel to match your personal style.

Payment is required upfront as we need to place a personalised order with our supplier.

To learn more about tooth jewellery, call us on (02) 62585830 or contact us.