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Today I would like to talk about teeth whitening, pros and cons and how this procedure takes place.
Your dentist will have you in dental chair for almost an hour to apply bleaching material (carbamide peroxide) with regulated percentage and activate it for a better effect with a special light.At the end of session,you also will be provided with a bleaching take home kit, including custom made trays,to continue on treatment upon your dentist instructions.
Few tips, The safest shade you want to aim for will be six shades lighter than your natural teeth. I personally always book patient for a consultation previous to whitening session.I like to demonstrate the shade guide to each individual and show them how the results will be.If you are after a super bright smile,porcelain veneers might be the better option for you. So many times the expectations cannot be reached.
There are times patients who took the bleaching kit home,come back for a refill every single week!!showing that super white teeth and breaking the news,’what a great job, good on you!’
Believe me,, over bleaching your teeth is damaging to soft tissues and your teeth,will not last long ,and is a big NO.Achieving That Hollywood ,Miley Cyrus ,smile is a lot more tricky than just a simple whitening procedure, so only believe and follow your professional dentist instructions .
Happy Easter Canberra,and stay tuned.

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I will have a quick review today on infection control legislation in dental practices all over Australia.
Instruments that have been used for dental procedures will be rinsed, scrubbed and go through a cycle of autoclave.

Autoclaves will be monitored annually by the technicians who are eligible and certified by the “Health Protection Service”. The technicians will provide a calibration report for the practice and this report will be cross checked by infection control inspectors once a year.
All the surfaces most commonly will be covered by barrier sleeves and this will reduce cross contamination to a large degree. Operators will also be wearing gloves and masks for further protection.

I hope this brief review puts your mind to an ease and helps you feel comfortable the next time you visit your dentist.

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WHY do we need to have a regular check up with our dentist?

More than enough you have heard all the reasons on how seeing your dentist regularly helps to prevent small holes getting out of control ,as well as keep the cost to minimum in case you have any small cavities. Also on maintaining your best oral hygiene,, which all of the above are absolutely true.

I would like today to stress on another important concept of regular oral examination, ‘maintaining and monitoring health of oral soft tissues.’

Most likely all Dentists come across cases of early diagnosis on benign or even malignant cancerous oral lesions in their career life . Based on their decision on management of the condition themselves or to refer patient to an oral surgeon,
the outcome of ongoing treatments , Could save that patient’s life.

There are other medical conditions that their early onset shows in the mouth .
As a result, taking initiative by your dentist ,could give you the advantage of having proper treatments right on time.

In Conclusion, please do not ignore those recall cards sending by your dentist every 6 months.


As we discussed last Thursday, cracked teeth is one of the most common complaints from our patients these days. Today I would like to give a brief description on prevention of these cracks to develop further on teeth.
‘Occlusal splint’ is the recommended treatment when you start to be aware of grinding during your sleep or clenching during working hours. Your dentist will offer to make you an appliance called ‘occlusal splint’ which is great. The tip to this is, a splint needs to be made professionally as the adjustment of contact point is the key to make it beneficial. If the splint made by your dentist is not adjusted properly, you will start to experience headaches or discomfort when wearing it. So please go back to your dentist and they will check the contact points on the splint and make some adjustments. If you are experiencing tension in your muscles around TMJ (Temporo Mandibular Joint), when you wake up in the mornings Or discomfort on opening your mouth, wearing a splint can help with easing these tensions away most of the time.

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We often hear from our patients these days,” I cannot eat or drink anything cold” or “ it hurts when I bite on that crunchy nuts or cracklings.”

Modern lifestyle is more adventurous and hectic and as a result a bit more stressful. When I was a new graduate, Not many craze lines on the back teeth would be seen on everyday examination. I come across more of those nowadays.

We all “Grind & Clench” our teeth in our sleep or even during the day. This can lead to cracked teeth and if not being addressed properly,  symptoms such as “Thermal Sensitivity” and “not being able to bite” on the teeth will develop.

Occlusal Splint” and “Night Guards” are a good way to prevent these tiny cracks to progress further down the root and create complications.

We will discuss the process on how a splint is being made and when it is necessary to receive this treatment by a dentist on the next Teethy Thurday Post!

So Stay tuned Canberra!

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Very often dentists hear this question from their patients; “I dont floss very often, is that why I have these holes between my teeth?” As much as I believe flossing is an excellent practice, there is another crucial factor related to inter proximal caries or “holes between your teeth”, and that is sugary drinks. My recommendation to all parents is to encourage their children to drink only water. That goes for myself as well, to control pouring that spoonful of sugar into my coffee even though we’d all love to 😉 #toothdecay #dentalhygiene #keepinitclean #canberradentist#artfuldentistry


I’ve been noticing a concern for most of our patients on how they are using mouthwashes. The key is to make sure you are gargling the mouthwash for at least 30 seconds before spitting it out,,and to avoid eating and drinking for 2 hours afterwards Everyday.
Having said that, mouthwash is mostly efficient before bedtime.
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